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Rebuilding tendons and ligaments
What is prolotherapy? Prolotherapy stands for “proliferative therapy.”  A prolotherapy solution is injected at the site of pain or injury to stimulate growth of strengthened tissue.  It is used to treat laxity of ligaments and tendons. Does it hurt to get prolotherapy? As with any injection, patients are aware that a needle is involved.  Patients can experience mild to moderate discomfort with this treatment.  Doctor Macart’s technique is generally well tolerated.  The healing process elicited by this therapy may be noticeable, but discomfort is quite manageable.  It is recommended to avoid NSAIDS during the course of treatment because they interfere with the intended proliferative process. How many prolotherapy treatments are required? The number of treatments required to achieve a satisfactory goal depends on the patient.  The doctor recommends a series of four treatments done four weeks apart as a minimum.  Most patients receive four to eight treatments. Patients who are at risk of reinjuring the area may need to consider a maintenance schedule. Is prolotherapy like a cortisone shot? No.  Prolotherapy stimulates your own natural healing process to strengthen the collagen within a ligament or tendon.  It does not suppress the immune system like cortisone does.

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