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Your Own Hair Growth Inspired!

What is Mesohair?

Mesohair is our hair regrowth mesotherapy programme.  It involves multiple microinjections into the scalp.  There, a formula of natural medicines stimulates a reawakening of hair follicles in the targeted area.

Can Mesohair help with male pattern baldness?

Male patients, both young and old, have seen significant hair return.  Satisfied customers see thinning areas fill in and a reestablishment of brow lines.

Can Mesohair help with hair loss in women?

Our Mesohair protocol has been extremely successful in treating people with either patchy hair loss (alopecia areata) or receding hair lines (with or without baldness) in men and women.

How many treatments do the trick?

A course of treatments comes in multiples of four.  Eight to twelve treatments on average usually leave noticeable results.  If the hair loss is severe, be prepared to assess progress after a longer commitment.  Touch ups can often be done at the minimum of four.


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