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Incline Therapy

Hang in there Baby!

What is incline therapy?

Incline therapy is a method of changing the vector forces of gravity on the spinal column.  The change in pull on the spine can alleviate back pain and help maintain nourishment of the structures of the spine.

Do I have to be upside down?

No.  The doctor has found that variable inclines perform better than complete inversion.  Sessions begin with a small angle of incline followed by a horizontal break and then a more significant angle of incline.

What conditions are best for incline therapy?

Incline therapy is indicated for many types of back pain.  Patients with spinal stenosis, nerve impingements, disc herniation or degenerative disc disease tend to respond well to incline therapy.

Is incline therapy risky?

It is extremely low risk to do incline therapy with the doctor’s method.  Sessions are monitored carefully so that no one ever feels uncomfortable in a treatment.

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