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Let's get the lead out!

What is Chelation?

“Chelation” comes from the Greek “chele” meaning “claw.”  It refers to a chemical reaction between a metal ion and an organic molecule.  The most commonly used chelating agent is Ethylene Diamine Tetra Acetic Acid (EDTA).  EDTA has a strong affinity for toxic metals such as lead, mercury, cadmium, and aluminum.  Binding such heavy metals and forming a chelate allows them to exit the body via natural elimination pathways, primarily the urinary system.

Chelation therapy is useful not only for clearing the body’s burden of heavy metals that cause free radical damage, but also because most treatments simultaneously deliver beneficial nutrients.  Once the harmful metal load is diminished, chelation therapy then contributes to the removal of harmful calcium ions such as those that are found in cardiovascular plaques.

Chelation therapy is a medicalized treatment that improves metabolic and circulatory function.

How do I start?

Our comprehensive intake involves collecting an extensive medical history, a consultation with the doctor and a brief physical exam.  Your health assessment is discussed and certain lab tests are required prior to treatment.  Once it has been established that chelation would be a beneficial therapy for you, a series of infusions are scheduled two to three times per week.  A course of standard EDTA chelations usually involves 30 infusions on average, each taking about 1.5 hours.  Some patients may undergo as many as 100 infusions.

It is recommended to empty the bladder beforehand, eat regularly and arrive with a snack.  You will be seated comfortably in a reclining chair for the duration of the treatment.  Reading material is available or take part in some stimulating health oriented conversation.

Many people who undergo chelation therapy also have a natural products regimen, exercise regularly and modify their diets.  It makes sense to adjust one’s lifestyle in order to optimize health on as many levels as possible.

What is chelation good for?

Everything!  Improve circulation, deliver nutrients and anti-oxidants while detoxing from heavy metals that damage cells; chelation is a win-win opportunity.  While chelation’s claim to fame comes from its cardiovascular benefits, it is indicated for all kinds of inflammatory conditions, neurological problems and metabolic imbalances.  Chelation therapy is indicated for diabetes, erectile dysfunction, poor memory, circulation problems, chronic fatigue syndrome, allergies and much more.  A more youthful appearance has been reported as a pesky side effect of chelation therapy.




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